Take Your Dream Off the Shelf!

Have you ever felt like your dream is completely out of reach? You know that thing you're truly passionate about. You would do it for free, if you had the money, the time, the resources, or the skills. Life happened, you're a little older now, and you feel like the time for dream chasing has passed you by. You might secretly think I'm too old, I'm too broke, or I'm too busy to go back to school. So what do you do? You put your dream on the shelf and lock it away in the closet. Occasionally, you unlock the door, look at it from time to time, and wish things were different. 

What if I told you things are different? Would you change your mind? Well, guess what? We're living in the future we always dreamed about, the future of limitless possibilities. If you believe. If you act. If you're willing to put in a little time and work, you can take that dream off the shelf, dust it off, and make it happen! 

How? I’m glad you asked! Most of the time, the only thing separating you from the person living their dreams is information. They know and you don't. The good news is you have the power to change that reality! 

Below, are 5 online resources that provide the learning community and support you need to learn a new skill at an affordable price. Most are even free and you can’t beat free!

 1. Do you want to become a programmer or web designer? Check out Thinkful.

We all know school is expensive. Maybe it was never for you. Plus, who has time with a busy 9 to 5 and a family. You really want to go after that dream though but you need to learn a new skill first . Thinkful solves your problems through 1-on-1 and group mentorship at an affordable price. Through 1-on-1 coaching you can learn how to design and develop responsive websites and start a new career.

2. Do you want to learn a new language? Check out Lingvist.

You always wanted to learn a new language but never had the time. Lingvist promises to help you learn a new language in 200 hours. Guess what? It’s completely FREE, for now! The platform is in beta phase so users get to test out the software for free. Don’t sit on this one! It won’t be free forever! It 3 to 6 months you could be really for that trip to Italy!

3. Are you the creative type but just need a little inspiration? Head over to Skillshare.

For $0.99 you’ll receive access to Skillshare’s complete catalog of creative classes for 3-months. I'll say it again, you can take as much training as you can squeeze into your schedule for $0.99! Learn website design, graphic design, sewing, photography, and much more from experts in the field. If you’re happy after the 3-months, sign up for a year subscription and keep learning. You can’t beat that deal.

4. Are you into beauty, fashion, style, and makeup ? Head on over to Highbrow.

Highbrow offers its community of user beauty and fashion tips, advice, trends, and tutorials from industry pros in at the top of their game.

5. Do you want to advance your professional career but not at a university price tag? Coursera is the place for you.

Coursera offers courses in just about EVERYTHING! And I do mean everything. Most of their learning programs offer a specialization track, at a low cost. For those looking to advance their professional career, this is way to go.

It's time to turn off the TV for an hour and invest in your dream. Unlock the door to the dream you've been hiding away and commit to take one step at a time towards making it real. It's all in within your reach. Go for it! 


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