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Take Your Dream Off the Shelf!

Have you ever felt like your dream is completely out of reach? You know that thing you're truly passionate about. You would do it for free, if you had the money, the time, the resources, or the skills. Life happened, you're a little older now, and you feel like the time for dream chasing has passed you by. You might secretly think I'm too old, I'm too broke, or I'm too busy to go back to school. So what do you do? You put your dream on the shelf and lock it away in the closet. Occasionally, you unlock the door, look at it from time to time, and wish things were different.  What if I told you things are different? Would you change your mind? Well, guess what? We're living in the future...

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Celebrating Entrepreneurship!

One thing that truly inspires us here at The Gift of NI is the opportunity to meet other hard working entrepreneurs that are turning their dreams into reality! We were truly inspired Thursday evening at the Holiday Mixer and Makers Market event hosted by Community Business Partnership and the Greater Springfield Chamber of Commerce. The event was a huge success and we want to personally thank Debbie Dever, her team, and all those involved in planning and coordinating this amazing networking event! One vendor that truly stood out and captured my attention and admiration was Kristen, the owner of Sweet on the Bubbly. Kristen creates luxurious, handcrafted jams and marmalades by pairing fresh ingredients with top-shelf liqueurs. I had a...

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How was the turkey?

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite times of the year. It is a time I use to reflect on the ups and downs of the months before and express sincere "Thanks" because I am still here to celebrate with my family and friends. I'm so thankful to my little sister and Mom, who did all the cooking this year and the turkey was DELICIOUS! You are apart of our family. I hope this Thanksgiving holiday brought you love, joy, peace, and comfort. Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours!

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New Beginnings!

I absolutely love New Beginnings! A fresh start and new path have the power to loudly and boldly tell Life, “My story is not over!” Let’s face it, life happens. Obstacles, setbacks, unexpected hiccups can sometimes throw us for a loop. They can send us in a downward tailspin, if we let them. We can choose to see these bumps in the road as the worst possible outcomes, a sign of our complete and utter failure, OR we can choose to see them as an opportunities... New Beginning. Despite how cruel we think Life can be at times, if we change our perspective, we'll discover that often times a setback is simple a second chance to refocus and get on with the business of being who...

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